PS+ Class

Hello PS+

Please carry on working in your book. If you cant do a page just skip it and do the next page.


Check out this song and practice!


A lot of you love the caterpillar game, so here is a counting worksheet for you to print.


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Hello. I hope you are all doing fine. こんにちは。みんな元気でいてくれていると嬉しいです。 I have another page from your workbook for you to do. もう新しいホームワークです。 【1ねんせい~3年生クラス】 400 Words. Page 16 Basic Reading 400 の皆さんは Workboo

PS Class

This week's scrapbook word is "hat" so it's a great chance to really show off your creativity. 今週のスクラップブックワードは”帽子”です。みんなの力を発揮してみてください! Look around the house....what can you find to make your hat? Pap

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